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[ 2010.04.18 ] Sharpening - \ / Style Hand Sharpening

Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker is amazing for freehand sharpening/touch ups. The guy on the CD is obviously the pro, but even an amatuer like me was able to touch up my normal steel knives with no issues. I've touched up the edge on tons of family and friends knives and they are very happy about the edge. I'm not good enough with it to try harder steels, S30V or equivilent. I still ship those out to professional sharpeners and they hold their edge a long, long time.

Click Here for more information on the Spyderco Sharpmaker


[ 2010.04.17 ] Sharpening - Fixed and Pivot Rod

KME Knife Sharpening System works! With no practical knife sharpening experience, I took some of my Dads and Brothers older knifes and worked them to razor sharp. It took a little practice with the really curved blades like the Buck Pathfinder, but was doable. This system is very good for resetting an edge and getting you back to basic sharpening needs.

Click Here for more information on the KME Sharpener




Small Collection of Knives

Funtional Art

I love knives. They are beatiful pieces of working art. I've bought only a few pieces over time and kept almost all of them. Each brings something with them that I really cherish. I have a number of high end production knives, one limited edition from Buck, one Semi-custom from Downeast Knife Company (sold almost exclusively through bladeforums.com) and two full custom pieces that I can not highlight as they will someday be gifts to my children.

You can see some photos I took of most of them here:
Click Here for Knife Pictures in larger sizes

Sample Photos:


Benchmade 722SBT - Mel Pardue
Benchmade 210 - Snody
Buck 802SS - Signature Series
Buck 110 - Alaskan Guide
Kershaw Chive
Downeast Knife Company Companion




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