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News and Updates

[ 2010.03.04 ] Mandy gets a ride, we take a trip, life is good.

Mandy got a snowmobile!!!!
We took a ride to the Point Afta with the club.
It was everything I dreamed about when I first got mine.

My wife, and my love, taking a long snowmobile ride with friends.
Sharing a moment together and something to remember. Video / Photos

More Videos of various of our snowmobiling.


[ 2010.04.24 ] Elected as new Secretary for Fox Glen Snowmobile Club

At the last club house meeting I was elected club Secretary, narrowly missing being elected President when Randy stepped up and accepted the Presidential nomination. Randy is a great guy and I look forward to working with him this year and into the future. Thanks to outgoing Prez, Daylene, and to everyone that made our first year as snowmobile owners so awesome.

Snowmobile is 'fogged' and stored in the garage until winter. BOOOOOO...


[ 2010.02.10 ] Natasha and the boys stop by

Natasha, Ryan, and Dana stopped by while Scott had a day long meeting. We went snowmobiling with the GTX and the sleigh. Got a little stuck once, but no big deal. The boys had a great time and I think Natasha did too. She took the snowmobile around the yard a few times and did really well solo driving.to get a hold of me, you can through either the Fox Glen Snowmobile Website or Facebook.


[ 2009.01.02 ] Showing off the Snowmobile Underglow (getting stuck)

Choose 480 HQ and/or Click Video to see Full Size


[ 2009.10.31 ] Fox Glen Snowmobile Club

The Family and I purchased a snowmobile and tow behind sleigh this past year (2010). We joined the local snowmobile club, since their trail runs right behind our house. I offered to redo their website and for the 2010-2011 season was voted their Secretary. It was pretty fun doing the trail crew stuff, and getting our with people this past very short winter.

Click Here to check out Fox Glen Snowmobile Club


[ 2009.05.01 ] Bought a Skidoo GTX

Last year was amazing for snow, but the snowmobile trail hardly ever got groomed. So, after a number of years saving up for a motorcycle we decided to buy a snowmobile instead. I also bought the kids a 70s Kut Kutter to ride in behind. We should be able to go out a lot as a family and hopefully I'll get some time in too.


Winter Fun
There is no substitute for the white stuff

Summerizing the GTX

Here are the steps I take to prep the snowmobile for its summer rest in the garage.



Remove Clutch Cover
Disconnect Air Sensor (I think that is what the tube is for)
Remove Side Panel

Remove Tool Kit
Remove Belt (screw tool is in the tool kit)
Remove Driven Clutch
Remove Air box

Replace Driven Clutch
Replace Belt

Start Machine
Fog Carbs until stall (or close)
Pull Plugs
Fog Plug Holes

Replace Plugs
Pull Cord 3-4 times (slowly)

Remove Belt
Remove Driven Clutch

Replace Air Box
Replace Driven Clutch
Replace Belt

The air box went back on a LOT easier than I thought it would.
The air box looked new out of the box. I did wipe down the bay around the air box.



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